Traditional Malenadu Cuisine

Traditional Malenadu style food served in its pure form.Explore healthy and sathvik food culture which is evolved from ancient times with proper combination of taste and ayurveda which rejuvenates your complete health. Each taste is balanced following the principles of Ayurveda, promoting equilibrium and a sense of well-being in mind and body.

Our Malenadu cuisine
Using fresh ingredients, picked daily from our farm, We will take you on a culinary journey through Malenad`s delicious traditional food.
Breakfast is fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juice / tea / coffee served just how you like them. Malenadu speciality like “Tellevu” traditional havyaka dosa, idli served.


Lunch and dinner are traditional Malenadu dishes such as rice, sambar, tambali, appehuli, katne, karkli etc which is prepared from seasonally available natural herbs and leafs from the rain forest of western ghats.

At least once during your stay you will experience the traditional Malnad meal served on a banana leaf, the “Bale ele oota”. It is traditionally eaten by every Malenadiga during the spring harvest festival  and on other special occasions. Fat grains of Malenadu rice accompany at dishes, all vegetarian, providing an extraordinary array of tastes.

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